Road Drainage Features

Atlantis Drainage System for long lasting roads

The long lasting Advanced Atlantis Drainage Cell Road System, totally addresses rising waters as well as ingress through the pavement. Structural load bearing, allows Atlantis Drainage Cell to be placed directly under the road base or asphalt, thereby providing a perfect horizontal drainage medium.

porous bitumen road

Road Safety

Around the world, road authorities realised that road stormwater channels are extremely dangerous and contributed to many fatal accidents. The channels also are a major environmental problem producing contaminated water and contributing to urban floods.

open road channel accident

Over a thousand people die on Spanish roads every year due to road drainage design.

road safety by eliminating open water channels

Atlantis was approached to analyse the extent of the danger posed by roads in Spain.  Over one thousand people die in road related accidents every year, mainly due to open drainage systems. Independent studies showed that the “murderous roads” cost approximately one million US dollars per victim, plus unquantifiable emotional grief. Adding to these tragedies is the risk of water becoming poisonous with green algae and other water-borne infectious diseases. Atlantis collaborated with Valencia authorities in Spain to provide a solution.

Subsurface Drainage of Road Structures and Frost Problems

Above the ground water level the water rises upward due to the capillary effect. Therefore, the capillary rise is strongest when the pore channels are narrow, and it will be highest in fine grained soils.

In climatic zones where the upper soil layers are endangered by frost, the capillaryeffect is of importance. In road construction, this also becomes critical due to the subsoil's susceptibility to frost. Ice crystals forming in the soil draw in water and start to grow, forming ice lenses. The voids left behind after the thawing destroy the soil structure and reduce its load bearing capacity. It is therefore necessary to place Atlantis Drainage Cell a frost resistant material down to the frost penetration line or to place an anticapillary layer below the base course.According to Casagrand, materials considered not susceptible to frost are those whose percentage of grains smaller than 0.02 mm. This is less than 3 percent of the total weight. Atlantis Drainage Cell exceeds the expectation

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Atlantis Drainage Cell System

Eliminates damage caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Build up of hydrostatic pressure beneath road surfaces caused by concentration of run off, destabilises soil and frequently damages roads. Atlantis Drainage Cell eliminates this problem.

road cancer

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance has always posed structural problems and financial burdens for engineers in the past.

Road Cancer

Millions of dollards are spent on new road systems in local areas, major freeways and national highways, only to find within a short period of time that the hydrostatic pressure build up causes degredation what we term 'road cancer' or potholes.

Atlantis has found the solution to this problem through the drainage cell system. Already proven on major roads, such aas the Princes Highway, Sutherland. Atlantis drainage cell is fast becoming the engineers answer in road construction and maintenance.


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Tunnel Maintenance


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